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Do you want to know 6 shocking facts why the government doesn’t want you to own physical gold? In this blog post, we will present to you why owning gold makes individuals powerful and why the government keeps this information from you.

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1. Gold Is A Proven Inflation Hedge

2. Gold Gives People Power And Freedom

3. Limiting Choices Benefit People At The Top (The Elite)

4. Gold Is A Threat To The Fiat System

5. Geopolitical Reasons

6. The IRA/401(K) IRS Loophole

Final Thoughts On Owning Physical Gold

Now, let us get back to the topic of this article: why the government doesn’t want you to own physical gold and silver, starting with the first reason.

1. Gold Is A Proven Inflation Hedge

Proof American Eagle Gold Coins
Image Source: usmoneyreserve.com
Consider this…

As a result of the pandemic, the Federal Reserve has kept printing money out of thin air, resulting in a balance sheet of around $8.92 TRILLION as of May 2022.

This may look okay from the “outside”, especially considering current market instability and many businesses having to shut down during pandemic times. However, what is really happening is that the Fed is debasing the US dollar, reducing its purchasing power, and making every citizen poorer.

With stock markets crashing and rapidly increasing inflation, many people are now seeing their savings evaporate in front of their eyes. >> Unless you take action today and learn how to protect your hard-earned savings! 

But those who understand the value of owning a physical asset like gold and silver that the government can’t confiscate are two step ahead in securing their wealth.

There are a number of reasons why the government doesn’t want you to realize the importance of adding physical gold to your portfolio, especially under the current circumstances of an economic collapse.

For one, savvy investors remember gold’s performance during the last recession, as it nearly tripled in price, which is why so many are rushing to invest in gold, as they are certain that it will match that performance once again.

Also, gold’s great performance is backed by billionaires like Thomas Kaplan who believes that gold is on the cusp of a new decade-long bull market that will push the price well past $5,000 an ounce.

Mr. Kaplan, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Electrum Group, said that because of economic fundamentals gold prices could rally as high as $3,000 to $5,000 within a decade.

2. Gold Gives People Power And Freedom

Further, gold gives people some level of power, liberty, and freedom. We are not alone in stating that individual freedom is increased by owning physical gold and silver.


Because gold has been the money formula for thousands of years. And individuals are, in fact, allowed to hold and store this yellow metal outside of the financial system or banking system, which decreases governmental control.

For this reason, the government can never confiscate your precious metals. You can safely hold your metals at home or with an IRA-approved custodian.

Additionally, if gold goes on a bull run, and the price of gold increases by, for example, 50% because of an influx in demand, the purchasing power goes up. This increases leverage for people who own gold.

With the current inflation, investors who own physical gold have a winning card up their sleeve. When the fiat system or dollar weakens, the price of gold tends to rise. People who own physical gold have financial insurance that will appreciate in value when the fiat system depreciates.

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3. Limiting Choices Benefit People At The Top (The Elite)

The government wants to enforce control by limiting people’s choices. The way the government does this is by making sure individuals always keep their assets within financial institutions that are controlled by the government.

In addition, the financial system benefits from individuals holding their wealth within the system because greater participation means greater profits for the people at the top (the elite) such as stockbrokers, and brokerage companies. Or, those who hold the majority of the stock market, the real estate market, and so on.

By discouraging the use of gold and silver, it gives people fewer choices, and the government can enforce stability and continue benefiting the elite.

4. Gold Is A Threat To The Fiat System

6 Shocking Facts Why The Government Doesn't Want You To Own Physical GoldGovernments in fiat economies can literally print paper money “out of thin air”, which is impossible to do with a gold-backed currency.

Gold trade is a threat to the fiat or dollar system because the Federal Reserve cannot print gold. And if countries worldwide would choose to mainly trade in gold, it would weaken the fiat dollar.

Specifically, a fiat system is based on a government’s mandate that the paper currency it prints is legal tender for making financial transactions.

So the fiat dollar becomes inflated when the Fed keeps printing money “out of thin air” as they have done throughout the pandemic. The more a currency falls, the less can be purchased with it, since its purchasing power decreases.

This is called devaluation or loss of purchasing power, which is happening right now in this runnaway inflation.

In a February 2017 interview with Gold Investor magazine, Allan Greenspan, former Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States said the following about gold and our monetary system:

I view gold as the primary global currency. It is the only currency, along with silver, that does not require a counter party signature. Gold, however, has always been far more valuable per ounce than silver.

No one refuses gold as payment to discharge an obligation. Credit instruments and fiat currency depend on the credit worthiness of a counter party. Gold, along with silver, is one of the only currencies that has an intrinsic value. It has always been that way. No one questions its value, and it has always been a valuable commodity, first coined in Asia Minor in 600 BC.

5. Geopolitical Reasons

Another reason the government doesn’t promote gold as an investment is that a foreign nation that stockpiles gold, creates more power for itself.

For example, if big nations like Russia and China are stocking up on gold, they remove themselves from the dollar system to some extent. It excludes them from the Swift system, and they can hedge themselves against economic wars, sanctions, currency wars, and so forth.

As mentioned, much of the world is based on a debt-based fiat Ponzi scheme and metals offer great protection against this Ponzi scheme. This means that if people want to free themselves from governmental control and an inflated fiat currency, they should invest in God’s money: gold and silver.

There is great power in owning a physical asset that lasts throughout time and adds protection from increasing levels of economic volatility.

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6. The IRA/401(K) IRS Loophole

Gold IRA Guide - What is a gold IRA? Why invest in a precious metals IRA? Best gold IRA companiesThere is a tax loophole that can be leveraged when owning physical precious metals in an IRA.

This IRA/401(k) loophole allows eligible IRA/401(k) holders to move their retirement savings into physical gold and silver, or other precious metals without tax obligations or penalties.

A precious metals IRA or gold IRA is a safe way of owning gold bullion and other precious metals in a tax-deferred account. It also adds the portfolio diversification needed to hedge against inflation, currency risk, stock market crash, and governmental restrictions that remove individual power and freedom.

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Final Thoughts On Owning Physical Gold

An article by Kito News mentions that while the paper gold market recently saw significant selling pressure, the physical gold market continues to see unprecedented demand in a tight marketplace, according to accredited precious metals dealers.

Additionally, the US Mint sold 147k ounces of gold last month because of growing investor anxiety.

This proves that investors understand the incredible power this yellow metal offers. Or, the fact that gold gives investors the ability to grow their wealth despite an ongoing financial crisis.

By investing in physical gold, investors are not only protecting their portfolio from the volatility of the markets but are setting it up for significant future growth, as well.

That’s it for today!

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