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Thank you for visiting our Noble Gold review 2023. In this in-depth review, we have taken a deep dive into the Noble Gold Investment reviews and complaints, their precious metals IRAs, Noble cold coins, and other precious metals inventory, their survival pack, and more to see whether Noble Gold is a legit precious metals dealer.

Noble Gold Investments: Most Personalized Service

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Before we go more in-depth on this Noble Gold Investment review, we know that choosing a precious metals IRA company is an important financial decision that can impact your financial future for years to come.

Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information to help you identify the best option to grow and protect your wealth today.

With careful and extensive research, we have reviewed and rated the 7+ best precious metals IRA companies of 2023 to help make your decision easier!

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With that being said, let us now look at how Noble Gold Investments measures up!

Introduction: Noble Gold Review (2023)

Making a name for yourself in the precious metals retirement investment sphere in just five years isn’t easy. And making a good name is that much harder. Noble Gold Investments has done just that.

Despite their relative freshness as a brand, they consistently pop up as one of the top gold IRA companies available. In this Noble Gold review, we have decided to look into this up-and-comer and see how they compare to their competitors, a group that surely is not lacking noteworthy entrants.

What Is Noble Gold?

Noble Gold Investments: The Leading Gold & Silver IRA CompanyAs mentioned, Noble Gold Investments is a company providing precious metals IRAs operating out of California that has been in business since 2017. That is a very short span when some of the competitors have decades of reputation.

But a lack of experience on behalf of the brand does not necessarily translate to a lack of experience on behalf of the team. Noble Gold’s CEO Collin Plume is a well-versed money manager, noting on his website that the people behind the company have been in the business for decades.

Plume lists his background as one with more than 15 years of experience in insurance, real estate, and precious metals investment. He says that the last recession spurred him to adjust his career path more directly towards precious metals, working in what seems to have been a large firm in the sector.

Presumably, this gave him the confidence to open his own precious metals firm, one focused on shielding Americans’ retirement savings from any number of economic calamities.

You can watch a short presentation video of Noble Gold and why it is wise to protect your retirement with physical gold and silver here:

Noble Gold Celebrity Endorsement

Noble Gold is endorsed by TV Personality, Charlie Kirk, who means that Noble Gold Investments is the precious metals company he recommends to his friends and family.

“Like many Americans, in times of economic uncertainty, I turn to gold & silver to protect my assets….”, Charlie Kirk.

Noble Gold Celebrity Endorsement

If you are ready to take action, >>>>see our list of the 7+ top precious metals IRA companies (cash sales also available).

Noble Gold Products And Services

Let us now look closer at Noble Gold’s products and services, starting with their gold IRAs and silver IRAs, plus their fees and storage options.

Noble Gold IRA & Silver IRA

Noble Gold's Gold IRAs & Silver IRAs
Image Source: noblegoldinvestments.com

One of the primary things we have noticed about this company is that it is not as laser-focused on IRA investments as some of its competitors. It would seem that gold and silver IRAs account for roughly half of their business, while independent precious metals sales account for the other half.

As you would expect, Noble Gold Investments lets you open a gold or silver IRA on their website and buy precious metals for it. The new gold IRA can be a Traditional IRA or Roth IRA and can be funded by any number of rollovers of existing and inactive employer-sponsored retirement plans, as well as existing IRAs. Regular funding is available as well.

Noble Gold has a team dedicated just to this aspect of their company, meaning that you will get personalized customer support from the moment you have opened your IRA. That includes fully-arranged custodial and storage services.

The company says that opening an IRA with them takes as little as 5 minutes. We imagine that is a bit of an advertising embellishment on their part. Many top-notch competitors can take weeks to get your gold IRA up and running, with some citing 24-hour windows as a key appeal of their company.

But, if Noble Gold can pull it off in 5 minutes, why not? >>> Request their FREE Gold & Silver Guide:

Noble Gold Investments Gold & Silver Guide

Noble Gold IRA Fees And Storage

As with any reputable precious metals IRA company, there are some fees involved when opening a gold IRA. But on a good note, Noble Gold offers a free setup for new customers.

Gold IRA Fees

Setup Fee Annual Fee Storage Fee
Free for new customers $80 $150

Apart from that, there is an annual fee of $80 and a storage fee of $150. The storage fee is for segregated storage (meaning that your precious metals are kept separate from those of other investors) and also includes insurance.

Noble Gold stores precious metals for customers in International Depository Services’ facilities. And IDS has facilities in Texas and Delaware or Ontario, Canada.

In addition, Noble Gold’s IRA customers pay custodial fees as well, which you can ask their IRA specialists about.

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Noble Gold: Get Your Free Gold & Silver Kit

Noble Gold Investment Minimums

What set Noble Gold aside from other competitors in the industry is that the company allows a minimum investment of only $2,000.

Investment Minimums

Direct Purchase/Gold IRA Transfer Gold IRA Rollover
$2,000 $5,000

However, these smaller investments are only valid if you are buying precious metals directly or transferring your IRA. If you are rolling over, the minimum investment you can make is $5,000.

If you are ready to take action, >>>>see our list of the 7+ top precious metals IRA companies (cash sales also available).

Popular Noble Gold Bullion

Because working as a precious metals broker is such a prominent part of the company’s day-to-day, we will go in-depth when it comes to each of their products. This includes not only coins made out of all four precious metals but also bullion bars and even collector’s coins.

Selling collector’s coins is not often seen among bullion dealers, and even less so among those focusing on IRA investment. Noble Gold has an entire section dedicated to these, bolstering what we feel is an already very strong selection of products.

1. Noble Gold Coins

Noble gold coins

It seems that, when it comes to Noble Gold coins, IRA eligibility is a primary goal. All of the gold coins currently available on the website have an “IRS Approved” tag on them.

While some will find this convenient, it does exclude a few prominent gold bullion coins from the roster.

Those wanting to buy gold coins can start with American Eagle Gold coins in bullion and proof versions, each available in:

  • 1oz
  • 1/2oz
  • 1/4oz
  • And 1/10oz denominations

There are also the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins in:

  • 1oz
  • 1/2oz
  • And 1/4oz

Plus, the Australian Gold Kangaroo coins in:

  • 1oz
  • 1/2oz
  • 1/4oz
  • And 1/10oz

And the Australian Gold Philharmonic coins in:

  • 1oz
  • 1/2oz
  • 1/4oz
  • And 1/10oz

Like we said, a very strong selection.

Noble Gold coins are also available in a 4-set American Gold Eagle Proof product option, which is likewise IRA-eligible. This is a fairly common offering for proof coins and coins that are considered collectibles in general.

2. Noble Gold Silver Coins

Noble gold silver coins

Noble Gold Investments does not disappoint when it comes to silver coins, either. Though it is not the strongest selection we have seen, it is far from limited.

In their silver collection, you can find silver coins such as:

  • 1oz American Silver Eagle Silver Coins
  • 5oz America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins
  • 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo Silver Coins
  • And the 1oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Silver Coins

Silver Liberty Coin With CaseBuyers of silver Noble Gold coins can also opt for the proof version of the American Silver Eagle, which comes in special packaging and a special price tag to boost.

A very curious addition to the coin selection is the 1-kilo Australian Silver Coin. While this coin is indeed part of Perth Mint’s standard mintage, you will rarely see it in a domestic bullion vendor’s inventory, as it is quite massive. Curiously, there are not that many rounds available, with only the 1oz Highland Mint Silver Round listed.

Noble Gold also sells plenty of so-called “junk silver” coins, labeled that because they do not meet the purity requirements for IRA placement. Nonetheless, they are very popular among coin enthusiasts and can often fetch high prices.

3. Noble Gold Platinum Coins And Bars

Noble gold platinum coins

It would be fair to say that the offering of Noble Gold coins of the platinum variety is as strong as it can be, given that platinum group metals are a fairly recent addition to coin mintage.

American Platinum Eagle coins are available in:

  • 1oz
  • 1/2oz
  • 1/4oz
  • And 1/10oz denominations

Once again showcasing the strength of the product offering. Furthermore, buyers can opt to purchase the 1oz Palladium Maple Leaf coin.

For some reason, neither of these are listed as IRA-eligible despite being that. Is that an oversight or do Noble Gold retirement accounts not accept these coins?

We will let their representatives demystify this.

4. Noble Gold Palladium Coins And Bars

Noble gold palladium coins

Though it is not the only palladium coin available generally, the 1oz Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coin stands as the sole entry in this category.

Again, there is no note listing this coin as IRA-eligible, even though, like the platinum ones, it does meet the purity requirements.

5. Noble Gold Rare Coins And Bullion Bars

Noble gold rare coins

One area where IRA-centered precious metals dealers can disappoint is bullion bars. If and when they are available, they will usually be made in a single weight and only from sovereign mints.

Here, Noble Gold again stands out.

Gold bars available for purchase are the:

  • Johnson Matthey 1 Kilo Gold Bar
  • Perth Minth 10oz gold bar
  • Pamp Suisse 100-gram gold bar
  • And the PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna gold bar in 2.5-gram, 5-gram, 20-gram, 50-gram, 5oz, and 10oz weights

Additionally, Noble Gold offers the 5oz Silver Bar, the 10oz and 100oz Republic Metals Silver Bar, and the 1oz Rand Refinery Silver Bar in the silver category.

For platinum, customers can choose between the 1oz and 10oz Baird & Co Platinum Bar. The only palladium bar available is the 1oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar.

While not really huge, the numismatics section might warrant its own overview, but we will only touch upon it briefly. They sell numismatics either in pieces or in a set and in both gold and silver, namely those minted by sovereign mints in the 19th century.

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Noble Gold: Get Your Free Gold & Silver Kit

6. Noble Gold Survival Pack

An undoubtedly quirky part of the company’s operations is the Noble Gold Survival Packs. This product offering seems to be almost as prominent as gold IRAs and individual bullion purchases.

So, what is it?

In short, it is a selection of high-quality bullion meant for “disaster scenarios”. The website makes it very clear that you should be prepared if disaster strikes, even citing war as one of the options. It is definitely a bit of a novelty approach when most competitors are focusing on things like inflation and economic crashes.

The packs are as follows:

  • $10,000 Noble Knight
  • $25,000 Noble Baron
  • $50,000 Noble Viscount
  • $100,000 Noble Earl
  • $250,000 Marquess
  • $500,000 Noble Duke
  • Noble Ambassador, an option for offshore clients that want to safely hold precious metals in the US and payable with cryptocurrency alongside standard methods

If nothing, these serve to educate us on the titles of so-called royalty. Did you know Earl is higher than Baron? We did not.

The website does not tell us which precious metals are included but rather instructs us to reach out to them for details. Presumably, it is a combination of either just gold and silver or all four precious metals with a focus on bullion as opposed to collectibles that have a markup.

After all, if disaster strikes, you might not be able to explain to the buyer that your rare silver coin has more value than its precious metals content. While the lack of disclosure is not ideal, we have no doubt that the metals in these packs are of high quality.

Noble Gold’s No-Quibble Buyback program

Noble Gold offers a no-quibble buyback program in the event that you want to liquidate your precious metals.

Additionally, if you have opened a gold IRA or silver IRA but change your mind, Noble Gold will buy back your precious metals as well.

Noble Gold Investment Reviews & Ratings

The reason we do not have to worry about a company’s freshness in the IRA sector too much is that we have reviews. And over 5 years, Noble Gold has accrued an excellent reputation rivaling many of their longer-standing competitors.

For one, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are accredited with the organization, something that top names like Monarch Precious Metals are lacking. They have a 4.98 out of 5 rating on the website based on 92 customer reviews, all of which praise the company.

Noble Gold BBB Reviews


Second, the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) gives them an AA rating, not the highest but just short of. They have 1 closed complaint on the website and a 5 out of 5 star rating based on 4 reviews.

Noble Gold BCA Reviews

And ConsumerAffairs shows a 5 out of 5-star rating based on 153 ratings, with almost all reviews being 5-star and no reviews being under 3 stars.

Noble Gold Customer Reviews

Noble Gold Investments’ Complaints

The company has 3 complaints overall, all of which have been resolved and do not have details visible. We are inclined to think that this was a misunderstanding of sorts, as it has not affected their reviews on these watch sites.

Overall, there is virtually nothing to indicate malpractice on behalf of the company, and reviewers indeed go out of their way to elaborate on what a great time they have had with Noble Gold.

Pros and Cons Of Noble Gold

  • One of the best minimum IRA requirements in the sector, with $2,000 to open an IRA and a $5,000 rollover minimum. Joined by a low and transparent annual custodial fee of $80 and an annual storage fee of $150
  • Remarkable customer reviews and reputation, practically spotless despite being in business for only 5 years
  • A website and company that functions just as strongly as a gold IRA provider as it does a precious metals dealer
  • Only one US storage option in the form of International Depository Services
  • Let us be fair: survival packs should probably be available for less than $10,000

Noble Gold Review Verdict: Is The Company Legit?

Noble Gold Investments: The Leading Gold & Silver IRA CompanyIt is pretty clear that Noble Gold is a top contender among precious metals companies. They do what they do well. The issue with this, however, is that they do quite a few things.

For one, the company does not have the inventory of a top precious metals dealer, nor a numismatics one. Second, they do not have quite the laser focus on IRA investment that gold IRA companies have become known for. But this is, in a way, part of the company’s profile.

You will either like their approach, oddly-named Survival Packs and all, or you will not. There is definitely a bit of an identity thing with the company, as it has a distinct feel to it. Those who went with Noble Gold have not regretted it, as we could not find a single negative review.

Besides the straightforward and functional buyback option, one of the stronger points of the company is the availability of IRA-eligible coins in numerous denominations.

Likely due to their focus on precious metals dealership, they are able to offer IRA-eligible bullion in denominations that you simply will not find with most other gold IRA companies.

With just 5 years in, we look forward to seeing how Noble Gold will expand and what other products or services they will offer to their customers. For as much as can be said about the benefits of having specialists for everything, it can be just as good to have everything under one familiar umbrella.

If you feel that Noble Gold Investments might be the precious metals company for you, you can start by requesting their >>> FREE Gold & Silver Guide:

Noble Gold Investments Gold & Silver Guide

Noble Gold Alternatives

If you want to look around a bit more before making a final decision on what gold IRA provider to choose, we have reviewed and rated the best gold IRA companies of 2023. You can request their gold IRA kits directly from the review table below:


Company Reviews Annual Fees Investment Minimums (IRA) Preferred Custodian Free Gold Kit
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Reviews $0 $50,000 Equity Trust
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Is investing in precious metals a good idea?

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Why starting a gold IRA?

Traditional IRA accounts may not be enough to provide for you and your loved ones, post-retirement. Not if the economy remains as uncertain as it has looked recently.
For eons, investors have looked to gold to help them potentially offset losses due to economic turmoil. A gold IRA or precious metals IRA permits you to diversify a portion of your retirement portfolio — including pre-existing IRAs and former 401k(s) with previous employers — by actually owning physical gold (and silver) within a retirement plan. As a result, you can securely possess physical precious metals in a tax-deferred account.

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When investing in a gold IRA, you will get the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA, while actually owning physical gold coins or gold bars.

Do my precious metals have to be bars or can they be coins?

While some coins can be included in precious metals IRAs, only certain coins are IRS approved for inclusion in IRAs. In fact, not all bars or bullion are IRS approved. The IRS maintains a list of acceptable forms of precious metals for IRAs. You can be certain that a reputable gold IRA company offers a variety of metals for IRAs within IRS guidelines.

Can I choose any custodian and storage company to store my metals?

Yes. While established gold IRA companies often recommend Equity Trust as their preferred custodian and Delaware Depository for storage, you can choose your own custodian and storage companies.

Can I store my precious metals at home?

Non-IRA precious metals, yes. Not metals for an actual IRA. IRS rules forbid keeping your IRA precious metals at home or in a standard safety security box. They must be held by an approved non-bank trustee or a bank within IRS guidelines that restricts access. In other words, just like a traditional IRA, the access to the precious metals in your precious metals IRA must be restricted in specific ways to ensure deposit and disbursement laws are followed.

Are the values of the precious metals I buy for my IRA guaranteed?

No. Like all investments, the future value of precious metals is not guaranteed and can rise or fall based on a variety of market influences. But we believe physical precious metals are your safest bet to hedge against a stock market crash, inflation, and the debasing of the dollar.

When will I be eligible for distributions from my gold IRA?

At age 59½, you or the beneficiary of your precious metals IRA can start taking penalty-free distributions from the account, according to the IRS.

How long does it take to rollover a traditional IRA into a gold or silver IRA?

Usually around two-three weeks, although each application is different and the amount of time varies on a case-by-case basis.

What is the advantage for customers to set up an IRA with a gold IRA company as opposed to going to the custodian and setting it up with them?

The customers will receive top-notch service and specialized account setup knowledge provided by the gold IRA company’s IRA Processing Department throughout the process from start to finish. They do 95% of the paperwork with them. Customers can feel safe knowing they will be kept up to date every step of the transfer process by daily calls or e-mails from the IRA Processing team with any gold IRA company listed on How To Invest Gold. These companies also often provide lifetime account support.

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