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Goldco Review (2022): Low Fee Model, Precious Metals IRAs, Customer Ratings, Pros & Cons, Etc.

A Top Rated Gold IRA Company

Thank you for visiting our Goldco review (2022). In this in-depth review, we have looked into Goldco’s precious metals IRAs, customer ratings and complaints, low fee model, buy-back program, pros & cons, and much more.

Let us start with a quick overview:
Goldco Review 2020 - The Best Gold IRA Company? A Top Rated Gold IRA Company
Since this is a comprehensive review, you can use the quick links to jump straight to any section:

Goldco Review: Overview

1. What Is Goldco?
1.1 Who Is Goldco Best For?
2. Why Invest In Precious Metals?
2.1 The Coronavirus Impact On The Price Of Gold
3. Goldco Offers The Following Services
3.1 Non-IRA Precious Metals
3.2 Precious Metals IRA’s
3.3 Cryptocurrency IRA’s
4. Why A Gold Or Precious Metals IRA?
5. How To Start A Goldco Precious Metals IRA
5.1 Simple 4 Step Gold IRA Opening Process
6. IRA & 401(k) Rollovers
6.1 Buy-Back Program
7. Is A Goldco Gold IRA A Safe Investment?
8. Customer Ratings
9. Pricing And Transaction Minimums
9.1 Goldco Investment Minimums
9.2 Low Fee Model
10. New Customer Specials
11. What About Storage?
12. Goldco Customer Education
13. Pros And Cons Of Goldco
14. What To Watch Out For!
15. Goldco Customer Service
16. Goldco Review (2022) Verdict

Goldco ​Precious Metals
21215 Burbank Blvd Suite 600
Woodland Hills, CA​ 91367
Products Available:

  • Bullion Bars
  • ​Bullion Coins
  • ​Self-Directed IRA
To begin, Goldco is the leading provider of precious metals IRAs. They pride themselves in customer service and the ability to help individuals diversify their retirement savings accounts. For instance, Inc. magazine ranked Goldco the 528 in its 35th annual Inc. 5000, which is a list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

Introduction Goldco Review (2022)

To start with a brief introduction to what is going on on the market today, every single day the United States creeps further into debt. And it is taking your IRA/401(k) along with it.

At the time of writing, the national debt is OVER $28.8 trillion and rising.

And as a result, the inflation rate has already surpassed 6%!

Unfortunately, this means that your IRA/401(k) has never been more in danger than it is today.

In fact, there is a looming threat that big banks may come after your savings and retirement accounts. For certain accounts, they could help themselves to your money to stay solvent during this financial crisis.

Even worse, it is all going to be 100% legal because of the Dodd-Frank Act.

The bad news is that if you have $250,000 or more in your IRA, 401(k), TSP, or savings account, you could be one of the first in line to have your money confiscated…

Unless you take action right now and learn how to protect your hard earned savings!

In uncertain times like these, it is more important than ever to turn to safe-haven investments to protect and grow your wealth.

“Precious metals should not be seen as an investment, but as financial insurance”, Trevor Gerszt – founder of Goldco.

Best of all, precious metals move in the opposite direction of traditional securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

So, when the stock market goes down, the price of gold and silver tends to rise.

Unlike stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that are all tied to the dollar, precious metals stand on their own.

Also, investors can legally hold and store gold and silver outside of the financial system or banking system, which decreases governmental control.

It is, therefore, crucial to start protecting your retirement savings account and hedge against an inflated currency. As well as a potential stock market crash, or government confiscation of your hard-earned money.

With that said, in this in-depth Goldco review (2022), we have looked into Goldco’s precious metals IRAs, coin IRAs, customer ratings, low fee model, buy-back program, pros & cons, and much more so that you can make the best choice for your future investments.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a tried and true investment that can provide stability and grow your portfolio, you should invest in physical gold bullion.

Goldco - a Top Rated Gold IRA Company. Specializes in Precious Metals IRAs, Gold IRA


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Goldco Precious Metals A Top Rated Gold IRA Company - Get Your FREE Gold IRA Guide

1. What Is Goldco?

Goldco is a top-rated precious metals company based in the US that was first established as Gerson Financial Group LLC. Back then, the Company was focused on business-to-business precious metals sales.

Trevor Gerszt - Founder of Goldco Precious Metals.Trevor Gerszt bought the firm in 2011, changing its name to Goldco Direct, which later became Goldco Precious Metals.

Goldco has its headquarter in Woodland Hills, California, and is a full-service precious metals firm that specializes in gold and silver IRAs.

In addition, they also sell precious metals directly to customers, and offer crypto IRAs or Bitcoin IRAs via Goldco’s sister company, Coin IRA.

The Company has helped thousands of people to diversify, grow, and protect their wealth with physical metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for 15 years now.

Overall, Goldco’s mission is to help Americans protect their retirement savings accounts from stock market volatility and inflation through the use of precious metals.

Its specialty has always been the sale and delivery of gold and silver coins that are IRA-approved.

Best of all, the Company specializes in helping you identify which precious metals are right for you.

Inc. Magazine named Goldco the third fastest-growing financial services company in the US in 2015.

And the Los Angeles Business Journal named it the 17th fastest-growing company in the greater Los Angeles Area.

In March 2021, Goldco started a partnership with Chuck Norris, the American actor, martial artist, military veteran, film producer, and screenwriter.

Mr. Norris’ endorsement of Goldco’s product offerings supports the Company’s growth initiatives to educate people about the benefits of buying gold and silver. As well as protecting their IRA, 401(k), TSP, or pension accounts with precious metals.

With that said, let us take a look at who Goldco is best for next.

1.1 Who Is Goldco Best For?

Goldco is a great choice for many types of investors, including those who:

  • Want to own a physical asset. Unlike companies that could go under at any moment, precious metals has been and will be around forever. So, if you want a tangible asset in your investment portfolio that will never go out of style, precious metals should be your choice.
  • Want to protect their wealth from stock market volatility and inflation. If the stock market makes you a little queasy, you should minimize your risk with precious metals that tend to move in the opposite direction of traditional securities. That way, when the market is tanking, gold and silver can help you ride out the cycle until things start to swing back up.
  • Are nearing retirement and fear another financial crisis. For example, the one in 2008 and what we are in right now with the Covid aftermaths. Precious metals add stability when you need it the most and serve as financial insurance.

If you are still not convinced, we will dig in a bit deeper on why precious metals should be your next investment.

2. Why Invest In Precious Metals?

Think back to the 2008 Great Recession. It was a devastating time for millions of investors and many people lost it all.

Now, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are experiencing another financial crisis, and the effects on the economy will be long-lasting. 

Luckily, gold serves as financial insurance and protects your savings account from the effects of stock market volatility and inflation.

More specifically, investors who own physical gold and silver have financial insurance that will appreciate in value when the fiat system depreciates.

More so, precious metals provide freedom from governmental restraints.

Investors can legally hold and store metals outside of the financial system or banking system, which decreases governmental control. That way, they do not have to fear confiscation of their hard-earned savings.

2.1 The Coronavirus Impact On The Price Of Gold

The managing director of the World Gold Council, Joseph Cavatoni, was on CNBC discussing the impact the coronavirus is going to have on the price of gold.

Cavatoni quoted:

“Market risk and uncertainty are long term drivers of the price of gold, our expectation is we’re going to continue to face one of those two factors.”

Cavatoni is indicating that the price of gold is going to continue to rise, and this is just the start.

Additionally, gold’s great performance is backed by billionaires like Thomas Kaplan who believe that gold is on the cusp of a new decade-long bull market that will push the price well past $5,000 an ounce.

Mr. Kaplan, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer at Electrum Group, said that because of economic fundamentals gold prices could rally as high as $3,000 to $5,000 within a decade.

As many people know, gold has been and still is a good hedge against inflation.

And with a gold IRA account, you can hold on to assets in the form of gold bars or gold coins and use it as somewhat of a shield against the market unpredictability.

Best of all, when a market crash occurs, your gold IRA will not take a hit.

So, if you are looking to hedge against the COVID-19-related economic shutdown or any future economic downturn, precious metals provide the stability and protection you need.
Get up to $10,000 in FREE silver when opening a gold IRA
Alright, let us take a closer look at Goldco’s services.

3. Goldco Offers The Following Services/Products

For starters, Goldco offers two major services or products: precious metal IRAs and direct purchases. Second, through Goldco’s sister company, Coin IRA, they also offer cryptocurrency investing.

3.1 Non-IRA Precious Metals

Any investor can buy precious metals through the Company. You do not have to be a certain age or have earned income.

When you buy precious metals outright, you can either keep them in a secure vault or have them delivered to your home—whichever you prefer. You can learn more about how to invest in gold in our gold investing guide.

3.2 Precious Metal IRA’s

As long as you have earned income and are under age 70½, you are eligible for a traditional IRA with the same tax advantages. Goldco offers gold IRAs, silver IRAs, crypto IRAs, or a combination of all assets.

Per IRS regulations, Goldco stores IRA precious metals in a third-party, state-of-the-art vault.

And they use Equity Trust Company as its preferred IRA custodian.

3.3 Cryptocurrency IRA’s

Additionally, Goldco has a sister company, Coin IRA, which offers cryptocurrency or Bitcoin IRAs to help investors skyrocket their wealth.

Goldco - a Top Rated Gold IRA Company. Specializes in Precious Metals IRAs, Gold IRA

4. Why A Gold IRA Or Precious Metals IRA?

Traditional IRA accounts may not be enough to provide for you and your loved ones post-retirement. Especially not if the economy continues spiraling out of control at this magnitude.

Investors are looking for IRAs that will not disappear if the dollar does. And the only secure financial asset that has stood the grueling test of time is gold.

Gold or precious metals IRAs permit individuals to diversify any portion of their retirement portfolio — including pre-existing IRAs and former 401k(s) with previous employers — by actually owning physical gold and other metals within that retirement plan.

Investors can securely possess physical precious metals in a tax-deferred account.

Best of all, investors also have the option of a Roth gold IRA, which operates just like a conventional Roth IRA, allowing investors to invest after-tax dollars, accrue gains tax-free, and take distributions tax-free.

The only difference is that a Roth gold IRA invests in physical gold coins or bars.

When it comes to precious metals investing, if you cannot take delivery of your precious metals investments at some point in the process, you are not really investing in precious metals, just paper investments.

5. How To Start A Goldco Precious Metals IRA

For years, the Gold IRA Experts at Goldco have helped investors take advantage of little-known loopholes in retirement account rules that eliminate fees and taxes when exchanging stocks and bonds for physical metals, like gold and silver.

With that being said, if you want to jump on the precious metals bandwagon, the easiest way to start a Goldco precious metals IRA is to fill out an application online, and you will be contacted by a Gold IRA Expert from Goldco.

As with all financial accounts, personally identifiable information such as a social security number will be required to establish an account.

Furthermore, if you do not already have a precious metals custodian company, Goldco will assist you in setting up an account with one of their recommended custodian companies.

As part of the setup process, Goldco will either email or send you a comprehensive guide explaining all precious metals options for you.

Thay way, you will know everything you need to know before making any decision on what types of metals you want to place in your IRA.

With that, let us take a look at the simple 4 step gold IRA opening process next.

5.1 Simple 4 Step Gold IRA Opening Process

To begin, opening a gold IRA or precious metals IRA is easy.

Especially when you partner with precious metals experts who know the ins and outs of this type of IRA.

To better illustrate how easy it is, here are the 4 simple steps to opening a gold IRA:

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 1

1. Select Your IRA Plan

For starters, to invest in precious metals, you have to start with a self-directed IRA. As an investor, you can begin a new IRA account, or roll over from an existing retirement account. It is key to speak with a tax advisor and precious metals expert to ensure that you follow regulations and that any retirement accounts you currently hold are eligible for a gold IRA transfer or rollover.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 2

2. Select A Precious Metals Custodian

Second, gold IRA assets need to be stored with a custodian per IRS regulations. So, working with precious metals investing experts, like those at Goldco, will help you find a custodian experienced with gold IRA investing. That way, you’ll ensure that your self-directed IRA is set-up correctly.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 3

3. Select Your Precious Metals

When choosing precious metals, it is important to remember that they need to meet certain IRS rules and regulations to avoid mistakes when investing for your retirement. Working with a precious metals specialist will ensure that you are choosing the right types of gold, other precious metals, or crypto.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 4

4. Purchase Precious Metals

Once you have chosen your desired metals as an investment, you can purchase them and work with your custodian regarding storage. The custodian will keep your assets safe and secure at a bullion depository so that they will be available when you need them.

Goldco Precious Metals A Top Rated Gold IRA Company - Get Your FREE Gold IRA Guide

6. IRA & 401(k) Rollovers

What about my existing retirement plan, you may ask?

You do not have to worry about your existing retirement plan, Goldco makes the rollover process painless and easy.

The process in short:

  • A Goldco specialist will help you open a new Goldco precious metals IRA and help you fund your account with your old IRA.
  • Once the money from your old IRA transfers, a specialist will help you select precious metals that suit your needs and investing goals.
  • Finally, you will be guided through every step and the whole process often takes about 10 business days.

As simple as that!

Find out more about the rules and regulations in Gold IRA Rollover & Transfer Explained.

6.1 Buy-Back Program

The good news is that if you later decide to sell your precious metals, Goldco will buy them back from you, and to a much better deal than from most coin dealers.

What Are The Criteria For The Buy-Back Program?

Goldco will ask you to give them the first opportunity to buy back your metals when you want to liquidate (you will likely receive a higher price from Goldco than a random coin deal or broker who typically tries to make a lowball offer). However, you are not required to sell your metals back to Goldco. That is your choice to make.

7. Is A Goldco Gold IRA A Safe Investment?

Yes, a Goldco gold IRA is a safe investment!

First of all, your precious metals investments are stored with a custodian, just like any other IRA asset.

More so, gold IRA custodians specialize in storing precious metals and have secure vaults set up to keep your precious metals safe.

They also carry insurance to ensure that, in the very unlikely event that some metals get stolen or destroyed by an act of God, your investments will be made whole.

Now, let us move on and look at the essential part of this review: what Goldco’s existing customers say about their services.

8. Customer Ratings

To ensure investors that they are working with a legit gold IRA dealer, our in-depth Goldco review (2022) has looked into what customers say about Goldco.

Needless to say, doing your due diligence is important before investing money into anything, whether it is stocks, bonds, gold, or silver.

Fortunately, the World Wide Web makes it difficult for companies to hide.

Clients/customers can go online and vent any frustrations they may have with the gold IRA companies or give them praise.

Luckily, Goldco’s reviews are phenomenal and the Company remains greatly respected in its industry. At the same level as its highly regarded rivals and foremost among the sector’s leading competitors.

As you can see, it is difficult to find any negative reviews about Goldco, despite their 15 years in business:

Goldco Reviews

  • AAA Rating with the Better Business Bureau (their highest rating)
  • AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (their highest rating)
  • 253 Total Reviews with 5 Star Average Rating on Trustlink (their highest rating)
  • 375 Total Reviews with 5 Star Average Rating on Consumer Affairs (their highest rating)
  • Registered member of Ethics.Net
  • 556 Reviews with 5 Star Average Rating on TrustPilot (their highest rating)
  • Former Presidential Nominee Ron Paul has endorsed Goldco Precious Metals for gold and silver IRAs

Recent Goldco Reviews (2022)

To better illustrate what customers say about Goldco Precious Metals, let us take a look at a sample of the Company’s recent 5 star reviews on TrustPilot.
Goldco reviews on TrustPilot

1. First experience investing in precious metals

This was our first experience investing with gold and silver. After some research we decided to go with Goldco. Right from the start the team at Goldco was very helpful explaining our options. We had a great deal of questions which were covered in detail. Just completed our first purchase that, I guess, over time we will see if this was a wise choice. One can never tell however If you do plan to invest in precious metals Goldco would be a great choice. (Philip Carpino March 24, 2021)

2. I just completed an IRA rollover

I just completed an IRA rollover and it went very smoothly, Tony kept me up to date throughout the entire process. His knowledge and professionalism from start to finish gave me the confidence that I had made the right decision to use Goldco for my rollover. (Edward Locascio, March 18, 2021)

3. Rolled an IRA to Goldco

I did research before doing business with Goldco. I felt comfortable and rolled an IRA over to a precious metals IRA with Goldco. To me, that says everything. (Mark Nataupsky, March 14, 2021)

4. From start to finish every step was…

From start to finish every step was explained thoroughly and buying precious metals could not have been any easier.
Every person was professional and friendly. Goldco is rated as a reputable source of metals. I look forward to doing business with Goldco in the future. (Cat Ketelsen, March 8, 2021)

5. I started my Goldco IRA account last…

I started my Goldco IRA account last year. I have been pleased with the ease of doing business and even more pleased with my first year results. I am now adding more to my account. Thank you Goldco! (Jim Rose, March 1, 2021)

6. Purchasing gold and silver was my first…

Purchasing gold and silver was my first time experience they were very helpful in my decision making thanks. (Dirk Uhlig, February 27, 2021)

7. Search for Precious Metals

I truly appreciate your assistance in answering my questions and helping me choose the precious metals and ratios best suited for my needs. I’m also very pleased the Goldco representatives have been professional, informative and friendly. I consider myself to be very fortunate and happy to have chosen Goldco to assist me with my investments. I highly recommend Goldco! (Dev Jensen, February 26, 2021)

8. This is the second time around.

This is the second time I have purchased precious metals from Goldco. It was easier this time that the first time. What i mean is that now I have an account set up, and the time it took to transfer the funds was extremely quick. The reason for this transaction is, I MADE MONEY ON MY ACCOUNT. More than what i made in my 401 in the same period. Will watch this next quarter and probably be buying more soon. Great job GOLDCO, I appreciate what you have done. Thanks again. (John Hadfield, February 23, 2021)

9. 401k to Gold IRA

I was very nervous about moving some of my 401k to a gold IRA, but I knew it was time to move some of my money into precious metals. Carl and Ryan answered all my questions and I researched Goldco. So, I decided to go with Goldco. They help me throughout the process to move funds from my 401k to a gold IRA. (Bill Bourland, January 29, 2021)

10. Eagles, Guineas and Dragons, Well-Rounded Animals of the Precious Persuasion

I purchased Gold, Silver and Platinum coins today for my new GoldCo SEP-IRA. My Account Executive, Carl Oliverio, is quite pleasant and knowledgeable. He’s been helpful all along the way in setting up the Custodial Account at Equity Trust, explaining how the process works, and the associated fees, and in getting the rollover of funds from my former custodian in a timely fashion. Today was “choose your products day”, done in low-key phone call with Carl, with all my questions answered, and the precious metals purchased. Overall, the GoldCo Precious Metals experience has been a good one, both interesting and pleasant. (MC, January 28, 2021)

Goldco has outstanding customer reviews and an A+ BBB rating

By now, we bet you are wondering about fees and transaction minimums, so let us look at that next.

9. Pricing And Transaction Minimums

When it comes to fees, precious metal IRAs at Goldco must pay storage fees every year.

For non-segregated storage, the annual charge is $100. And for segregated storage, it is $150.

There is also a yearly IRA maintenance fee of $80. And once a retirement account reaches $100,000, the annual fee increases by $50.

In addition to the annual fees, there are also one-time charges. An IRA has a setup fee of $50, and depositing funds by wire comes with a $30 charge.

So, when adding up all the fees, a Goldco IRA with non-segregated storage costs $260 for the first year (setup fee, wire fee, annual fee, and first year of storage) and $180 every year after that, assuming no additional wires.

In contrast to a gold IRA, regular taxable accounts at Goldco have no fees of any kind. There are no annual fees, start-up costs, or storage expenses.

The required starting balance for an IRA is between $20,000 to $25,000. And for taxable accounts, the minimum investment is $3,500.

 Goldco Precious Metal IRA Fees

Initial Setup Fees $50
Annual Admin Fees $80
Annual Storage Fees $100 (Non-Segregated) / $150 (Segregated)
Minimum Purchase Amount $25,000 (in certain cases $20,000)
Preferred Depository Delaware Depository

Goldco Fees For Non-IRA Transactions

One-Time Setup Fees $0
Annual Maintenance Fees $0
Storage Fees $0

9.1 Goldco Investment Minimums

Do you wonder how much money you need to invest with Goldco? The chart below lists fees for IRA and non-IRA transactions:

Goldco Investment Minimums

Precious Metal IRAs $20,000 to $25,000
Non-IRA Transactions (Cash Sales)

9.2 Low Fee Model

Goldco’s low fee model keeps more money where it belongs—in your pocket.

For precious metal IRAs, you will pay as low as $260 your first year, then $180 every year after that.

For non-IRA transactions, you pay $0 in fees.

In fact, Goldco offers free and prompt delivery for all-cash sales. And they will even store your precious metals for free (an impressive perk not offered by most providers).
Goldco offers 10% back in FREE silver when you buy precious metals from them.

10. New Customer Specials

Goldco offers new customer specials that can save you a great deal of money:

  • Goldco is waiving all fees during your first year when you open an account with at least $50k.
  • Goldco is giving you 10% back in free silver, no matter how big the transaction. For instance, open a gold IRA with $1M, and Goldco will send you $100,000 in FREE SILVER. Imagine that!
  • You will also earn 5% back in free metals when you place a qualified order over $50k.
  • If you open an account with exactly $50,000, you could save up to $320 in fees and receive $2,500 worth of free metals depending on which ones you buy.

Not bad, right?!

Anyway, the question on many investors’ minds is storage, so let us look at that next.

11. What About Storage?

For starters, non-IRA metals can be stored at your home, but not IRA metals. They have to be stored with a third-party state-of-the-art vault (an IRA-approved depository).

No need to worry because Goldco will assist you in transferring any gold or silver bullion that you purchase over to a secured vault.

Besides, Goldco customers can choose from multiple storage companies. And the company Goldco recommends is Delaware Depository.

Not only do they have a fortified facility with Class 3 vaults, but they also have insurance from Lloyd’s of London underwriters, and electronic security.

In addition, two more options are Brinks in Salt Lake City and IDS in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas facility is the only one to offer segregated storage.

Also, if you do not care for any of the three facilities that Goldco partners with, you can choose another depository.

12. Goldco Customer Education

Goldco makes customer education a priority.

They offer a “Knowledge Center” on their website, where you can find everything from prices of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to eBooks and videos.

For example, included in their eBooks are:

  • 10 IRA and 401k Mistakes You Are Making
  • 10 Reasons the Dollar Will Crash
  • How China Will Destroy Your IRA or 401k
  • The Truth About Home Storage IRAs
  • The American IRA and 401k Crisis
  • How to Buy Gold and Silver

You can also find educational videos on Goldco’s YouTube channel, like:

  • America’s Monumental Retirement Dilemma
  • Things Are Looking Bleak for European Markets
  • Stock Market Crashes
  • Can You Trust Mega Banks?
  • Five Threats to Your Retirement
  • Invest in Hard Assets

Now, that you know how to get educated on precious metals investing, let us move on to pros and cons of Goldco next.

13. Pros And Cons Of Goldco

  • Low fees
  • Free storage for non-IRA precious metals
  • Special offers for new customers
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Outstanding ratings
  • Easy IRA & 401(k) rollovers
  • A+ rating by the BBB
  • Buy-back program
  • IRA minimum deposits start at $20,000
  • Cannot set up an account online, just request a free Gold IRA Guide

14. What To Watch Out For!

Unfortunately, there will always be scammers out there.

That’s why we want to inform you what you need to watch out for when investing in gold or silver.

The point is, if a gold dealer would recommend investing all your capital into precious metals, the company does not have your best interest in mind.

The whole idea is to diversify your assets, so make sure they only recommend investing parts of your portfolio.

You can rest assured that the IRA experts at Goldco will carefully consider your long-term investing goals and recommend the best solution for you.

15. Goldco Customer Service

Goldco has associates ready to answer any questions you may have or help you with account-related issues.

The Company’s normal business hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

If you need any assistance, you can fill out and submit an​ online contact form and one of Goldco’s Experts will contact you within 24 hours.

16. Goldco Review (2022) Verdict

Goldco - a Top Rated Gold IRA Company. Specializes in Precious Metals IRAs, Gold IRA

Is Goldco The Best Gold IRA Company?

The verdict of our in-depth Goldco review (2022) is that Goldco is the best gold IRA company on the market.

First of all, it is difficult to find any discontent with this company and its stellar customer service.

Second, starting a new account with Goldco is an easy, tax-free process which is great. The process is quick and painless and you are guided every step of the way.

Best of all, you get direct access to a specialist who takes care of the entire rollover or transfer process. And if you decide to make a cash sale, you are assigned an account executive who makes sure you receive your precious metals on time.

It is safe to say that Goldco provides “white glove service” and offers expert assistance from start to finish by knowledgeable representatives.

On top of that, they also have strategic partnerships with the most experienced and reliable custodians and depositories.

From what we have seen, they go above and beyond to make sure each customer is completely satisfied with their investment.

So, if you are thinking of rolling over a retirement account to IRA-approved gold and silver coins, then Goldco should be first on your call list!
Goldco - a Top Rated Gold IRA Company. Specializes in Precious Metals IRAs, Gold IRA

Fill in the online application and Goldco will pay your account fees during your first year when you open an account with at least $50k.
Precious Metals IRA’s - Goldco is the leading provider of Precious Metals IRA’s. 100%
“White Glove Service” - Goldco provides expert assistance from start to finish.100%
Client Satisfaction - Goldco has outstanding client reviews with an average rating of 4/9 on TrustPilot.99%
Promotions - Goldco offers new customer specials that can save you a great deal of money.90%

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Goldco Precious Metals

Is investing in precious metals a good insurance policy against inflation, stock market crash, currency risk, etc?

Yes. Gold and silver prices generally move in the opposite direction of paper assets and will, therefore, provide a good hedge against inflation. The weaker the dollar becomes, the better gold performs. In fact, the relationship between gold and the dollar is often seen as an inverse one. A weaker dollar normally results in a higher gold price while a stronger dollar results in a lower gold price. Gold and silver are a safe haven for people looking for shelter from more traditionally volatile investments, like stocks.

Why should you start a gold IRA?

Traditional IRA accounts may not be enough to provide for you and your loved ones post-retirement. Not if the economy continues spiraling out of control at this magnitude.

The only secure financial asset that has stood the grueling test of time is gold. A gold IRA or precious metals IRA permits you to diversify any portion of your retirement portfolio — including pre-existing IRAs and former 401k(s) with previous employers — by actually owning physical gold (and silver) within that retirement plan. As a result, you can securely possess physical precious metals in a tax-deferred account.

Do my precious metals have to be bars or can they be coins?

While some coins can be included in precious metals IRAs, only certain coins are IRS-approved for inclusion in IRAs. In fact, not all bars or bullion are IRS-approved. The IRS maintains a list of acceptable forms of precious metals for IRAs. Best of all, Goldco deals in a variety of precious metals for IRAs within IRS guidelines so you do not have to worry about this.

Can I choose any custodian and storage company or do I have to use Goldco’s recommended companies?

Yes. While Goldco recommends Equity Trust Company as custodian option and Sterling Trust for storage, you can choose your own custodian and storage companies.

Can I store my precious metals at home?

Non-IRA precious metals, yes. Not metals in an actual IRA. IRS rules forbid keeping your IRA precious metals at home or in a standard safety security box. They must be held by an approved non-bank trustee or a bank within IRS guidelines that restricts access and keeps all precious metals segregated by the customer. This ensures exact metals purchased by a specific customer are returned to that same customer once legal distribution requirements are met.

In other words, just like a Traditional IRA, the access to the precious metals in your Precious Metals IRA must be restricted in specific ways to ensure deposit and disbursement laws are followed.

Are the values of the precious metals I buy for my IRA guaranteed?

No. Like all investments, the future value of precious metals is not guaranteed and can rise or fall based on a variety of market influences.

When will I be eligible for distributions from my Goldco gold IRA?

At age 59½, you or the beneficiary of your gold or precious metals IRA can start taking penalty-free distributions from the account, according to the IRS.

How long does it take to rollover a traditional IRA into a gold IRA?

Usually around two weeks, although Goldco stresses each application is different and the amount of time varies on a case-by-case basis.

What is the advantage to set up an IRA with Goldco as opposed to going to the custodian and setting it up with them?

Customers do benefit from lower fees by going through Goldco and will receive top-notch service and expert knowledge provided by Goldco’s IRA Department throughout the process from start to finish. The Gold IRA experts at Goldco really make it as simple as 1-2-3 and help their customers navigate the process without a hitch.


What Clients Are Saying

  • Goldco offered a clear comprehensive process for setting up a precious metals IRA. Their literature explaining the process and the purposes of a precious metals IRA was clear. The personnel that I interacted with were very professional and personable. Thank you Goldco for helping me make this investment decision (TrustPilot).

    Glen Newtown
    Review of Goldco
  • My wife and I recently lost $141,000 in the downturn in the stock market. By March 23, 2020 I had enough. I told my broker to sell it all. I looked to precious metals to save us. I found Goldco and with a BBB rating of A+ made a phone call. Rad Brdar made me feel very comfortable with his knowledge of gold and silver. I transferred my IRA and my wife’s IRA to self directed silver IRAs as well as purchasing gold coins. As of May 1 this decision has regained 1/3 of our losses. I know the price of precious metals can go down but it has never gone to zero and for 5,000 years has been the worlds standard of wealth. There are many gold and silver perks Goldco offers their investors so count me in..(TrustPilot)

    Nathan Malkenson
    Review of Goldco
  • I wanted to diversify my IRA with precious metals, After reviewing several companies, Goldco stood out as my best choice, and I wasn’t disappointed. David Taylor, Senior Account Executive, was friendly, easy to talk with, and walked me through the process, answering all my questions and concerns along the way. David made the process smooth and unstressful. I would recommend Goldco for anyone thinking of purchasing precious metals (TrustPilot).

    Robert Fountain
    Review of Goldco

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this review. If you believe something is reviewed incorrectly, please send us an email at [email protected].

Disclaimer: The owner of this website is not licensed as an investment advisor and, accordingly, does not make any recommendations regarding clients’ personal investment portfolios. It is recommended that you carefully evaluate and research the risks and rewards associated with investing in alternative assets such as physical precious metals and cryptocurrencies before you make a purchase.
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