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Gold 401(K) Rollover – Can I Rollover My 401(K) Into Gold?

Gold 401(K) Rollover Explained
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Do you want to know what a gold 401(k) rollover is and how to easily roll over your 401(k) into gold?

In a market as volatile as the one we are experiencing, your priority should be to protect the purchasing power of the money you have.

If you have accumulated wealth for yourself, you need to learn how to protect it.

Now, more than ever!

How To Protect Your Wealth With A Gold 401(K) Rollover

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By investing in precious metals, you are taking action to protect your retirement savings.

Best of all, you are protecting them with an investment that is backed by the tangible asset of physical gold.

Not the dollar.

Gold and silver can weather numerous economic changes, giving your portfolio diversity and stability. History has shown that the price of precious metals often increases in tough economic times, just like today. Meaning that your portfolio has extra insurance against the woes of a financial crisis.

The good news is that you can easily roll over your 401(k) into a gold IRA.

Besides, if you already have an IRA, and want to shift your assets to gold and silver, you can do that easily as well.

Better yet, this is a non-taxable event and there are no penalties.

With that said, let us start by explaining what a gold 401(k) rollover is and how you can easily roll over parts of your 401(k) into gold.
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What Is A Gold 401(K) Rollover?

A gold 401(k) rollover is a process, where you roll over parts of your 401(k), 403(b), TSP, or similar retirement account into a gold-backed self-directed IRA (Individual Retirement Account).

As mentioned, you can do this completely tax and penalty-free.

As long as the gold 401(k) rollover occurs within 60 days, there are no tax consequences.

In addition, moving your retirement funds into a self-directed IRA gives you the potential for more investment options.

Except for precious metals, you can also invest in real estate, private bonds, and private equity.

Let us move on to explaining what a self-directed IRA is and its key features next.

Self-Directed IRA Key Features

A self-directed IRA is a variation of a traditional or Roth IRA.

In a self-directed IRA, you can hold a variety of alternative investments, including gold and silver, which regular IRAs cannot own.

Here are the key features of a self-directed IRA:

  • Offers An Income For Your Retirement : Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are savings accounts that are meant to provide a source of income for your retirement.
  • You Make All Investment Decisions: A self-directed IRA allows you as the account owner to make all investment decisions.
  • Gives More Flexibility: This form of IRA is helpful since it gives you more flexibility in choosing investment options.

So, now that you know what a self-directed IRA is, let us also take a look at the difference between a 401(k) and an IRA.
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Difference Between A 401(K) And An IRA

Gold 401(K) Rollover - Can I Rollover My 401(K) Into Gold?The main difference between a 401(k) and an IRA is that an IRA is normally opened by you rather than being offered by an employer.

With a rollover IRA, you can use existing retirement funds to take advantage of a broader range of investments than are available through 401(k) investments alone.

Also, when performing an IRA rollover, funds from existing accounts can be rolled over into a new IRA tax-free.

And you can even roll over funds from multiple retirement accounts into a single self-directed IRA.

This makes it easier for you to consolidate and manage your retirement savings.

Moreover, a traditional IRA can also be rolled over into a gold IRA.

And if you invest in a Roth gold IRA (meaning you own physical gold, which we always recommend), you will not be taxed at all on the gains on your gold investments.

Does It Matter Who Currently Hosts My 401(K)?

No, it does not matter who currently hosts your 401(k).

Let us explain this a bit further:

  • First of all, if your 401(k) is from a company where you no longer work, you can still roll over those funds into a self-directed IRA.

    And once the funds from your 401(k) have been deposited in an IRA, you can use them to buy gold or silver, or other metals.

  • Second, even if you still work for the company that hosts your 401(k) account, it may still be possible to free up those funds.

    And after getting access to your funds, you can then rollover them into physical gold with a gold-backed IRA.

Note that in a gold 401(k) rollover, the money being moved is paid to you. And you then deposit the funds in the other account.

You also have the option to transfer your 401(k) to a gold IRA. For more details, please visit gold ira rollover and transfer.

Let us look closer at how to own gold in an IRA and how to easily start one.

How To Own Gold In An IRA

Gold 401(K) Rollover – Can I Rollover My 401(K) Into Gold?
When you own physical gold or silver in an IRA, the gold coins or gold bars must be held by the IRA trustee rather than the IRA owner.

Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code allows you as the account owner to make contributions to a retirement account in a tax-deferred manner.

This means that you will not be taxed on that contribution until you decide to take a distribution after retiring at age 59 1/2 or later.

Additionally, in order to avoid IRS penalties and taxes, you will need to have your gold and silver stored at a custodian.

The custodian provides safekeeping for your precious metals. As well as provides easy access when you do finally need to take possession of your precious metals.

Gold 401(K) Rollover Set Up Process

No matter what gold dealer you choose for your gold 401(k) rollover, they can help you complete the necessary paperwork to set up a new IRA.

They will also ship your gold coins or gold bars to a custodian on your behalf.

And if at any time that you wish to deposit more precious metals, they can help you with that too.

Gold IRA Companies We Recommend

We recommend that you choose either Augusta Precious Metals or Goldco as your gold IRA provider.

They are both top-rated gold IRA companies in the United States that we have carefully looked into.

If you want more details, please check out our in-depth reviews of Augusta Precious Metals and Goldco, where we have reviewed their products and services, fees, customer ratings and complaints, pros and cons, investment minimums, and much more.

If you feel that a gold IRA is not for you, but you would like to grow your wealth with gold and silver trading, we then recommend that you choose BullionVault as your trading company.

Not only is BullionVault an award-winning worldwide online gold dealer, but also the biggest online gold and silver trading company in the world.

Note: before you make your investment you should make sure you do your homework and get the best information available.

And the best way to do that is to request this free gold ira guide, or continue reading about the gold IRA opening process below.
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How To Start A Gold IRA

Simple 4 Step Gold IRA Opening Process

To begin the process of opening a gold or precious metals IRA is simple, especially when you partner with precious metals experts who know the ins and outs of this type of IRA.

Let us show you the easy 4 steps when opening a gold IRA next:

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 1

1. Select Your IRA Plan

For starters, to invest in precious metals you have to start with a self-directed IRA. As an investor, you can begin a new IRA account, or roll over from an existing retirement account. It is key to speak with a tax advisor and precious metals expert to make sure that you follow regulations and that any retirement accounts you currently hold are eligible for a gold IRA transfer or rollover, or other precious metals IRA.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 2

2. Select A Precious Metals Custodian

Second, gold IRA assets need to be stored with a custodian per IRS regulations. So, working with precious metals investing experts, like those at Augusta Precious Metals or Goldco, will help you find a custodian experienced with gold IRA investing. That way, you’ll ensure that your self-directed IRA is set-up correctly.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 3

3. Select Your Precious Metals

When choosing precious metals, it is important to remember that they need to meet certain IRS rules and regulations to avoid retirement mistakes when investing. Working with a precious metals specialist will ensure that you are choosing the right types of gold, other precious metals or crypto.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 4

4. Purchase Precious Metals

Once you have chosen your desired metals as an investment, you can purchase them and work with your custodian regarding storage. The custodian will keep your assets safe and secure at a bullion depository so that they will be available when you need them.

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Why Invest In Gold?

Make Smart Investment Decisions
  • Gold serves as a hedge against inflation.
  • Gold is a store of wealth, and can help with portfolio diversification.
  • Gold is a physical asset you can hold. Gold is God's money. “Gold isn’t going to become worthless.”
  • Historically, gold prices move in the opposite direction of traditional securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Gold is power and freedom, and removes investors from governmental restraints.
  • There is a tax loophole that can be leveraged when owning physical gold.
  • Gold adds protection to your retirement savings account.

Best Gold IRA Companies

Gold IRA & Alternative Assets Companies We Recommend

There has never been a better time to invest in gold, silver, and alternative assets (cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum) than today. With the ease of setting up a gold IRA or crypto IRA, you can go from worrying about your retirement savings to complete confidence in the security of your wealth. But choosing the right company to invest with can be extremely difficult unless you know what to look out for.

When reviewing gold IRA and crypto IRA companies it’s critical to compare the ratings and reviews by looking at independent authority sources. We look at the scores given by using 5 independent rating sources that include the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, TrustLink, TrustPilot, and Ripoff Report.

We have looked into Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco Precious Metals, and Regal Assets, both top-rated gold IRA and alternative assets companies, as well as the best online gold and trading company BullionVault.

Augusta Precious Metals

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why is gold considered a safe haven investment?

Because gold serves as a hedge against inflation, deflation, currency risk, stock market volatility, etc. Gold is a store of value and should be seen as financial insurance. Historically, gold moves in the opposite direction of traditional securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. When the stock market goes down, the price of gold and silver tends to rise. So, if you are looking to minimize risk, diversify your portfolio, and safeguard your wealth during times of heightened volatility, you should hold physical gold.

Why should you invest in a gold IRA?

You should invest in a gold IRA to protect your retirement savings account and make sure your assets are safe and secure, while also ensuring that your wealth will appreciate. By investing in gold and other precious metals through a gold IRA, you do not have to worry about a possible stock market crash or inflation, where your paper assets would lose their value. It also allows you to take advantage of a simple and easy IRS loophole that allows you to hold physical gold and silver with the money you already have saved in your retirement accounts, completely tax and penalty-free.

Is a gold IRA a safe investment?

Yes. Your precious metals investments are stored with a custodian, just like any other IRA asset. An IRA custodian is a financial institution that holds your account’s investments for safekeeping and sees to it that all IRS and government regulations are adhered to at all times. The custodian could be a bank, credit union, trust, or another company called a non-bank custodian.

Can I store my precious metals at home?

Non-IRA precious metals, yes. Not metals in an actual gold IRA. IRS rules forbid keeping your IRA precious metals at home or in a standard safety security box. They must be held by an approved non-bank trustee or a bank within IRS guidelines that restricts access and keeps all precious metals segregated by the customer. This ensures exact metals purchased by a specific customer are returned to that same customer once legal distribution requirements are met.

In other words, just like a Traditional IRA, the access to the precious metals in your Precious Metals IRA must be restricted in specific ways to ensure deposit and disbursement laws are followed.

Is the value of the precious metals I buy for my IRA guaranteed?

No. Like all investments, the future value of precious metals is not guaranteed and can rise or fall based on a variety of market influences. This is why it is good to diversify your portfolio with other asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc.

Should I invest in physical gold, future options (EFTs), gold mining stocks, or gold funds?

Indirect forms of investing in gold are much riskier than physical metal. You are relying on any third party individual or company to look after your wealth for you, and depending on the company’s success or failure, you risk losing your investment. With physical gold, you are in control of your wealth. Physical gold offers you that layer of protection and security which Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), gold mining stocks and funds do not.

Should I buy gold coins or gold bars?

It depends on your individual investment goals and situation. Gold bars are the largest and most efficient way to purchase and store large amounts of gold. They are usually also the most cost-efficient because they have the smallest premium over the gold spot price and the lowest markups for design and transportation. They are also easier to stack and more difficult to counterfeit.

Gold coins are smaller and more convenient than gold bars, but they are also harder to store because they are easier to lose. Gold coins are less efficient than bars for holding large amounts of metal and some of them may come with a higher premium over spot since they can be marked-up for design or rarity. Although, gold coins are more useful for people who intend to use their gold as money.

When it comes to gold IRAs, only certain coins are IRS approved for inclusion in IRAs. In fact, not all bars or bullion are IRS approved. The IRS or your gold IRA company maintains a list of acceptable forms of precious metals for IRAs.

When will I be eligible for distributions from gold IRA?

At age 59½, you or the beneficiary of your gold IRA can start taking penalty-free distributions from the account, according to the IRS.

What Is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals is a premium provider of precious metals products and services, with a specialty in gold and silver IRAs. The company’s reputation of a customer-first approach to sales, service and education is well-known throughout the retirement investing community. Augusta has received ZERO complaints at either the BBB or BCA since opening its doors in 2012 – and has received thousands of 5-star reviews across the most popular consumer rating platforms. And here’s a big reason for all the excitement: Augusta offers the most competitive, transparent pricing in the industry, underscored by its price-match guarantee on all coins.

Additionally, Augusta will waive fees up to 10 years for new customers (a special – ask how many years you qualify for). As much as all that is, Augusta Precious Metals offers much more to hard-working retirement savers, including a free one-on-one educational web conference designed by the company’s on-staff Harvard-trained economist. This is the same web conference attended anonymously by hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana that convinced him to become an Augusta customer. Mr. Montana’s personal financial advisors found the company for him after researching all the gold IRA companies in the U.S.! Read the full review of Augusta Precious Metals in section: Reviews.

What Is Goldco?

Goldco is one of the leading providers of precious metals IRAs, and its IRA & 401(k) rollovers are easy and painless. They pride themselves in customer service and the ability to help individuals diversify their retirement accounts and skyrocket their wealth.

Goldco has an A+ rating by the BBB, and Inc. magazine ranked Goldco the 528 in its 35th annual Inc. 5000, a list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. With Goldco, any investor can buy precious metals outright, even if they specialize in precious metals IRAs.

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