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Best Overall Gold IRA Company: GoldcoAre you looking into a Goldco gold IRA and want to know how the gold IRA rollover process works? In this ultimate gold IRA rollover guide, we will explain how to roll over your existing IRA into a Goldco gold IRA.

Why Goldco?

Reasons To Choose Goldco As Your Precious Metals Company:

  • Free Storage for Non-IRA Precious Metals
  • Biggest Promotions in the Industry
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • No High Pressure Sales Tactics
  • Outstanding Ratings & Customer Reviews
  • FREE and Easy IRA & 401(k) Rollovers
  • A+ BBB Rating and AAA BCA Rating
  • Highest Buy-Back Guarantee
  • 2021 Company Of The Year Award

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Current Goldco Promotions

For a limited time, Goldco offers up to 10% of your order in FREE silver! Meaning that if you purchase metals for $100,000, you get $10,000 in FREE silver!

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The company also offers the highest buy-back guarantee on the market.

With that said, let us get back to the topic on how to rollover your 401(k)/IRA into a precious metals IRA!

Since this is a comprehensive guide, feel free to use the quick links to jump straight to any section:


What Is A Gold IRA?

The best way to invest in gold is by owning physical goldA gold IRA, also called a precious metals IRA is a specialized, self-directed individual retirement account designed to hold physical gold and silver, and other precious metals.

Starting a gold IRA is one of the best things you can do to protect and grow your retirement savings and hedge against the rapidly increasing inflation.

Just like traditional IRAs, a gold IRA allows pre-tax contributions, meaning that the investment earnings can accumulate tax-deferred.

A gold IRA differs from a traditional IRA in the sense that it strictly holds physical gold, silver, or other metals.

In contrast to a gold IRA, a regular IRA typically holds paper assets such as stocks, bonds, EFTs, funds, and so forth.

Benefits Of A Gold IRA

In uncertain times like these, it is more important than ever to turn to assets that help you hedge against inflation and other economic stresses to help strengthen your savings.

Opening up a gold IRA account has many benefits, and can, for example, help you:

  • Hedge against a weaker dollar and increasing inflation
  • Limit exposure to economic uncertainty
  • Mitigate the effects of geopolitical instability
  • Diminish negative fallout from the coronavirus economic crisis
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Take real ownership of your financial future

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2 Different Types Of Gold IRAs

There are two types of gold IRAs available:

1. Traditional-Based Gold IRA

Gold IRA Guide - What is a gold IRA? Why invest in a precious metals IRA? Best gold IRA companiesWith a traditional-based IRA (Self-Directed-IRA or SDIRA), you do not pay tax on the contributions you make to your gold IRA from your income until much later in retirement when you take distributions. And you can start taking distributions without penalty when you are age 59½.

To give you an example, if you make $60,000 one year and decide to contribute $5,000 into your gold IRA, you will only pay the tax that year on $55,000.

In addition, by the time you pay tax on that $5,000, the gold you have spent it on could well be worth a lot more. And this possible rise in asset value could mean that you will end up getting some of your tax bills effectively paid for free.

Also, a traditional IRA comes with a ‘Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)’, starting at the age of 72, meaning that you must withdraw a certain amount from your IRA each calendar year. Accordingly, this RMD also applies to a gold IRA.

2. Roth-Based Gold IRA

In contrast to a traditional IRA, with a Roth-based gold IRA, the contributions you make are NOT tax-deductible.

But on a positive note, when you make withdrawals from your gold IRA, you do not have to pay taxes on your investment gains. So, if the price of gold has increased significantly, this tax advantage may be a huge benefit.

Additionally, with a Roth-based gold IRA, the Required Minimum Distribution does not apply.

Instead, an upper-income limit applies to Roth IRAs. And as of 2022, your modified annual income must be less than $144,000.

Goldco Gold IRA: The Gold IRA Company You Should Work With

Most Trusted Gold IRA Company: Goldco Precious Metals

When choosing precious metals among other investments, you probably had a few qualities in mind. Dependability. Utility. Value. Maybe even name recognition.

And these are all factors that can, or even should, influence the choice of your gold IRA company.

With a Goldco gold IRA, you know you are getting the best when it comes to retirement investment. In a top-down sense, Goldco’s accolades are everything that a company in this or any sector could hope for.

Top marks from the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance together with 5-star averages on both Trustlink and Consumer Affairs.

And numerous high-profile endorsements and mentions and virtually spotless customer affairs after over 15 years in the industry.

For example, here is a sample of some recent, verified Goldco customer reviews:

More so, Goldco makes a point of going out of its way as a company to educate and work with customers.
Goldco Certificate of Awesomeness: The Most Trusted Gold IRA Company

You Need Top Marks From Your Gold IRA Company Because…

Those with an interest in precious metals in an IRA are told to do their research when it comes to who’s setting up the account.

The gold IRA company is the intermediary between the IRA owner and virtually everything else.

Through the company, the account owner reaches out to the custodian for hands-on management. It manages storage in a facility that specializes in bullion, whether in an IRA or otherwise.

And, not least important, help the customer acquire precious metals and place them in the IRA.

You will sometimes hear gold IRA companies say they do not offer investment advice or something to that tune.

Of course, that is not exactly right, with many of them immersing the visitor to their website in all things precious metals.

Check For Ongoing Support

A primary point of contention that can make a top gold IRA company like Goldco stand out, but leave competitors wanting, is recurring support.

More than just assisting with the initial rollover, which can seem like most of the process, the account provider is there for everything else.

Your ongoing satisfaction is what should matter to them, not just an initial ability to post an alluring offering.

In other words, you will likely find yourself with a lot of questions along the way, and it is best to have someone to answer them politely and in detail.

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Gold IRA Rollover Guide: How To Fund Your IRA

Opening a Goldco gold IRA is great, but having it funded with an existing plan is even better.

Goldco assists with performing rollovers of various kinds, including:

  • The full or partial rollover of a 401(k) or similar retirement account
  • The full or partial rollover of a 401(k) or similar inactive retirement account
  • Rollovers of less common plans and accounts, such as SIMPLE or SEP IRA

When working with the right people, rollovers are not as troubling as they are meant out to be. The rollover is handled by a specialist on behalf of the custodian company, as well as any administration that Goldco might employ.

Despite the amount of technical know-how involved, Goldco’s customers have repeatedly described the process as seamless.

The new gold IRA can be funded by several IRAs, or receive only part of the funds that would go into another IRA.

Flexibility is definitely a theme, and it extends to every other part of Goldco.

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Moving The Money Into Precious Metals

With an average setup time of 10 days, hopefully, you have had a smooth ride towards loading up your new IRA.

And once it is ready, the next big choice to make is which precious metals that will go into it.

As is the case with any gold IRA company worth its salt, Goldco makes a habit of educating its clientele so that it can make informed choices.

Most top gold IRA companies have websites that function as information hubs, and Goldco is no different.

IRA Eligible Bullion

One of the first things to get informed on is whether the precious metals you have in mind for your IRA are eligible for placement.

The IRS issues strict guidelines on what is considered IRS-eligible precious metals and what is not, and sticking to them should not be an issue. Doubts about your purchase should be easily cleared by Goldco’s specialists.

The firm is, after all, a bullion dealer. One would expect them to know whether something on the precious metals palette is eligible for IRA placement.

Though Goldco sells bullion for use outside of IRAs, including but not limited to non-IRA-eligible bullion, we will mostly be focusing on their IRA offering.

As a general rule, any precious metal coin or bar of a high enough purity has the makings of an IRA-eligible asset. The purity requirements start with 0.995 in the case of gold and become more strict as we move on to other metals.

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There are some staples that have made it into IRAs time and again, partly due to their IRS compliance but also because they represent the very best in the form of gold and other bullion.

American Eagle Gold and Silver coins are an example of a series with a lot of width and variety that continues to refresh IRA inventories.

Goldco IRA eligible gold and silver bullion

Image Source: goldco.com

Bars from reputable refineries of all four precious metals are other popular additions.

There is a bit of competition going on between both sovereign and private mints, if not stated. A general rule is that everyone wants their mint to run up to sovereign standards.

National mints are focusing on designing the new icon, be it the American Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf.

Private mints are focusing on further solidifying their reputation. After all, it has become the norm for bullion holders to prioritize items from a private mint due to its reputation.

Where Will The Gold Bullion Rest?

IRS regulation has mandated that the bullion in your IRA rests with a certified depository, an entity separate from the custodian who will manage your daily paperwork.

Goldco is among the more lenient companies in this regard, offering up to 3 storage facilities of their choosing. If none of them are what you find suitable, you can introduce a depository of your own to the mix, provided it is compliant with regulations.

Brink’s, the Delaware Depository, and IDS are fairly similar. While only IDS among the 3 offers segregated storage, all 3 have a similar set of bonuses:

  • A standalone facility where the bullion is processed
  • Both the facility and its vaults are managed using the best technology available to the depository
  • They have security measures like high-defense vaults and electronic systems
  • Adding to that, their assets are insured with a multi-fold policy

Managing The Precious Metals In Your Account

Even after the account is open and funded, getting started can feel a bit prohibitive.

Even the die-hard gold investor might find some disagreements over the coin denomination to invest in. Those with less intent can succumb to external factors more easily, and in finance, these are always within arm’s reach.

All precious metals fulfill the same purpose in your account relative to other assets. More than likely, they are a form of hedge and were bought with safety in mind. But relative to each other, precious metals can have very varied utility.

Reasons for wanting your Goldco gold IRA to have…


  • The most defensive of the four and the safest pick. Gold has the least volatility to the downside, therefore often lacking explosive price action. It behaves remarkably in any crisis scenario, even when the setting is unprecedented.
  • The industrial aspect is present but limited. Though gold has plenty of utility and uses in manufacturing in a range of industries, it is mostly viewed as an investment metal. Even those buying gold jewelry often think about its pricing in weight down the line.
  • The widest range of investment options, in an IRA and outside it, and the most represented of the precious metals. Collectors and IRA investors alike will be strapped for choice when picking items from the inventory.

Goldco IRA eligible gold bullion

Image Source: goldco.com


  • On the precious metals scene, oftentimes gold’s opposite. It is always both a safety play and a defensive one, as the metal never leaves this role on a broader scale. But within the precious metals spectrum, silver behaves differently from gold despite following its price.
  • Those who buy silver do not do it because it is cheaper than gold, as the saying goes, but because of its specific range of benefits. The metal has a huge manufacturing side, with green technology growing more popular. Any significant impacts in demand from the manufacturing sector would greatly benefit silver’s price.
  • A similarly-varied range of investment options to gold, including many new and old coin varieties that can either be held in an IRA or outside it. Gold and silver both have a very pronounced sector of coin enthusiasts compared to the other two precious metals.

Platinum and Palladium

  • Within the context of precious metals, these could be considered industrial metals. They are every bit as volatile as silver but for different reasons. Palladium’s valuations exceed gold’s these days. Meanwhile, platinum, historically gold’s equal in price, sits around roughly half it.
  • Both platinum and palladium have a strained mine supply. Not a lot is being mined, and mining is highly localized. In palladium’s case, for example, nearly 40% of annual production comes from one country. This has contributed to the metal soaring to new all-time highs. Despite a dearth of supply, technologies making use of both platinum and palladium are on the rise.
  • One might think that platinum and palladium will have few investment options, but that is not the case. Besides a range of bars, plenty of investors are interested in sovereign coins made from either platinum or palladium.

What Kinds Of Fees Will My Goldco Gold IRA Have?

Goldco has a flat and transparent structure that any retirement account provider could benefit from. Those opening a Goldco gold IRA can expect to pay under $230 the first year and under $200 annually the following years.

The lack of a fee involved in setting up an account stands out, although you can expect your IRA to have a necessary starting balance between $20,000-$25,000.

Goldco Precious Metal IRA Fees

Initial Setup Fees $50
Annual Admin Fees $80
Annual Storage Fees $100 (Non-Segregated) / $150 (Segregated)
Minimum Purchase Amount $25,000 (in certain cases $20,000)
Preferred Depository Delaware Depository

Goldco Fees For Non-IRA Transactions

One-Time Setup Fees $0
Annual Maintenance Fees $0
Storage Fees $0

Goldco Investment Minimums

Do you wonder how much money you need to invest with Goldco? The chart below lists fees for IRA and non-IRA transactions:

Goldco Investment Minimums

Precious Metal IRAs $20,000 to $25,000
Non-IRA Transactions (Cash Sales)


Highest Buy-Back Guarantee

Goldco offers a highest buy-back price guaranteeGoldco’s customers have repeatedly praised the company’s buyback feature, where they offer to buy back any metal they have sold to you at the highest rate on the market guaranteed.

Should you choose to go with this feature, you will get a noticeably better price than if you were selling to a regular dealer.

Building A Gold IRA That Lasts

Learn How To Protect Your Wealth With Physical Gold & Silver


Learn Howa To Protect Your Wealth With Physical Gold & Silver

Crah-proof your retirement savings with a gold IRA

Having a company like Goldco managing the opening and use of your IRA certainly helps. The kind of experience they bring to the table, along with their reputation, is plenty already.

Yet with IRAs, as is the case with any investment vehicle, you will need to make a few leaps of faith on your own.

There is no way to avoid having to decide on what your portfolio should look like. If you pay someone else to do the job, the investment decisions still have to be made.

They are just being made by a portfolio manager, not you.

For all the safety they provide, precious metals can be infamously volatile. They are, even or especially in the case of gold, a speculator’s favorite. This means lots of entry points and bargain valuations that are not going to last.

Partly because they track inflation, we can notice that precious metals have appreciated steadily over the years. But the gains were not uniform. The price changed for different reasons across the board.

The more vigilant investor undoubtedly made good of various price pullbacks as well as what happened in the case of palladium and many say should in silver.

These days, we lament how high gold is at $1,900 and how much catching up silver has to do. Not too long ago, $1,900 was treated as a one-and-done price target that came about in extreme circumstances.

Pros And Cons Of Goldco Gold IRA

  • Low Annual Fees
  • Free Storage for Non-IRA Precious Metals
  • Biggest Promotions in the Industry
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • No High Pressure Sales Tactics
  • Outstanding Ratings & Customer Reviews
  • FREE and Easy IRA & 401(k) Rollovers
  • A+ BBB Rating and AAA BCA Rating
  • Highest Buy-Back Guarantee
  • 2021 Company Of The Year Award
  • IRA Minimum Deposits Start at $20,000
  • Cannot Set Up an Account Online, Just Request a FREE Gold IRA Guide

How To Open A Goldco Gold IRA

To get started opening a Goldco gold IRA or precious metals IRA is easy. Especially when you partner with precious metals experts who know the ins and outs of this type of IRA and will hold your hand throughout the whole process.

To better illustrate how easy it is, here are the 4 simple steps to opening a Goldco gold IRA:

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 1

1. Select Your IRA Plan

For starters, to invest in precious metals, you have to start with a self-directed IRA. As an investor, you can begin a new IRA account, or roll over from an existing retirement account. It is key to speak with a tax advisor and precious metals expert to ensure that you follow regulations and that any retirement accounts you currently hold are eligible for a gold IRA transfer or rollover.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 2

2. Select A Precious Metals Custodian

Second, gold IRA assets need to be stored with a custodian per IRS regulations. So, working with precious metals investing experts, like those at Goldco, will help you find a custodian experienced with gold IRA investing. That way, you’ll ensure that your self-directed IRA is set-up correctly.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 3

3. Select Your Precious Metals

When choosing precious metals, it is important to remember that they need to meet certain IRS rules and regulations to avoid mistakes when investing for your retirement. Working with a precious metals specialist will ensure that you are choosing the right types of gold, other precious metals, or crypto.

How To Start A Gold IRA Step 4

4. Purchase Precious Metals

Once you have chosen your desired metals as an investment, you can purchase them and work with your custodian regarding storage. The custodian will keep your assets safe and secure at a bullion depository so that they will be available when you need them.

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Making The Right Decision Over And Over Again

You have made the right decision to invest in precious metals and followed up by choosing the ideal company to follow our gold IRA rollover guide with.

But this should be only the start of a prosperous financial journey.

The goal, past getting returns and covering losses, is to have a resilient and dependable IRA that can be counted on decades from now.

Free gold investing kit

Goldco Gold IRA Alternatives

If you want to look around a bit more before making a final decision on what gold IRA provider to choose, we have reviewed and rated the best gold IRA companies of 2022:

Most Trusted Gold IRA Company: Augusta Precious Metals

Get Up to 10 Years Fee-FREE Custodial Services and Storage (Depending on the Size of Your Account).
Investment Minimums Gold IRA: $50,000
Learn more

Birch Gold Group: The Precious Metals IRA Specialist

Get Up to $10,000 in FREE Precious Metals on Qualified Purchases
Investment Minimums Gold IRA: $10,000
Learn more

Regal Assets: The Best Alternative Assets Company

Get Your Admin and Storage Fees Waived for the First Year.
Investment Minimums Alternative Assets IRA: $10,000
Learn more
Read the full Regal Assets review.

BullionVault: The Best Online Trading Company In The World

Get 1/8 oz (4g) of FREE Silver Bullion on Your First Trade
Investment Minimums Gold IRA: None
Learn more
Read the full BullionVault review.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is investing in precious metals a good idea?

We believe it is. Throughout history, gold and silver prices have moved in the opposite direction of paper assets and can, therefore, provide a good hedge against inflation. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future gains, but the numbers show that the weaker the dollar has become in the past, the better gold generally has performed. In fact, the relationship between gold and the dollar is often seen as an inverse one.

Why starting a gold IRA?

Traditional IRA accounts may not be enough to provide for you and your loved ones, post-retirement. Not if the economy remains as uncertain as it has looked recently.
For eons, investors have looked to gold to help them potentially offset losses due to economic turmoil. A gold IRA or precious metals IRA permits you to diversify a portion of your retirement portfolio — including pre-existing IRAs and former 401k(s) with previous employers — by actually owning physical gold (and silver) within a retirement plan. As a result, you can securely possess physical precious metals in a tax-deferred account.

Should I invest in physical gold, futures options (ETFs), gold mining stocks, or gold funds?

Indirect forms of investing in gold are much riskier than physical metal. You are relying on any third party individual or company to look after your wealth for you, and depending on the company’s success or failure, you risk losing your investment. With physical gold, you are in control of your wealth. Physical gold offers you that layer of protection and security which Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), gold mining stocks and funds do not.

When investing in a gold IRA, you will get the same tax benefits as a traditional IRA, while actually owning physical gold coins or gold bars.

Do my precious metals have to be bars or can they be coins?

While some coins can be included in precious metals IRAs, only certain coins are IRS approved for inclusion in IRAs. In fact, not all bars or bullion are IRS approved. The IRS maintains a list of acceptable forms of precious metals for IRAs. You can be certain that a reputable gold IRA company offers a variety of metals for IRAs within IRS guidelines.

Can I choose any custodian and storage company to store my metals?

Yes. While established gold IRA companies often recommend Equity Trust as their preferred custodian and Delaware Depository for storage, you can choose your own custodian and storage companies.

Can I store my precious metals at home?

Non-IRA precious metals, yes. Not metals for an actual IRA. IRS rules forbid keeping your IRA precious metals at home or in a standard safety security box. They must be held by an approved non-bank trustee or a bank within IRS guidelines that restricts access. In other words, just like a traditional IRA, the access to the precious metals in your precious metals IRA must be restricted in specific ways to ensure deposit and disbursement laws are followed.

Are the values of the precious metals I buy for my IRA guaranteed?

No. Like all investments, the future value of precious metals is not guaranteed and can rise or fall based on a variety of market influences. But we believe physical precious metals are your safest bet to hedge against a stock market crash, inflation, and the debasing of the dollar.

When will I be eligible for distributions from my gold IRA?

At age 59½, you or the beneficiary of your precious metals IRA can start taking penalty-free distributions from the account, according to the IRS.

How long does it take to rollover a traditional IRA into a gold or silver IRA?

Usually around two-three weeks, although each application is different and the amount of time varies on a case-by-case basis.

What is the advantage for customers to set up an IRA with a gold IRA company as opposed to going to the custodian and setting it up with them?

The customers will receive top-notch service and specialized account setup knowledge provided by the gold IRA company’s IRA Processing Department throughout the process from start to finish. They do 95% of the paperwork with them. Customers can feel safe knowing they will be kept up to date every step of the transfer process by daily calls or e-mails from the IRA Processing team with any gold IRA company listed on How To Invest Gold. These companies also often provide lifetime account support.

What is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals is a premium provider of precious metals products and services, with a specialty in gold and silver IRAs. The company’s reputation of a customer-first approach to sales, service and education is well-known throughout the retirement investing community. Augusta has received ZERO complaints at either the BBB or BCA since opening its doors in 2012 – and has received thousands of 5-star reviews across the most popular consumer rating platforms. And here’s a big reason for all the excitement: Augusta offers the most competitive, transparent pricing in the industry, underscored by its price-match guarantee on all coins.

Additionally, Augusta will waive fees up to 10 years for new customers (a special – ask how many years you qualify for). As much as all that is, Augusta Precious Metals offers much more to hard-working retirement savers, including a free one-on-one educational web conference designed by the company’s on-staff Harvard-trained economist. This is the same web conference attended anonymously by hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana that convinced him to become an Augusta customer. Mr. Montana’s personal financial advisors found the company for him after researching all the gold IRA companies in the U.S.! Read the full review of Augusta Precious Metals in section: Reviews.

What is Goldco?

Goldco is one of the leading providers of precious metals IRAs, and its IRA & 401(k) rollovers are easy and painless. They pride themselves in customer service and the ability to help individuals diversify their retirement accounts and skyrocket their wealth.

Goldco has an A+ rating by the BBB, and Inc. magazine ranked Goldco the 528 in its 35th annual Inc. 5000, a list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. With Goldco, any investor can buy precious metals outright, even if they specialize in precious metals IRAs.

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We believe that investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies through your 401(k)/IRA is one of the best ways to invest in this asset class, due to the tax-saving component. A gold IRA or crypto IRA is the best way to protect your retirement account against an unstable market.

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