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Do you want to know how to protect your retirement savings from a crash?

Then, you have come to the right place.

The safest way to protect your retirement savings from a crash is by rolling over parts of your self-directed IRA into a gold IRA and/or crypto IRA.

Best of all, it allows you to move your money completely tax and penalty-free.

But you better act now before it might be too late.

Let us tell you why…

Rapidly Increasing Inflation Rate

Given the US alarming increase in inflation rate and other frightening economic events, Americans are desperately searching for a secure way to protect their savings in case of a market collapse.

And that economic collapse may be closer than you think.

According to US Labor Department data published on August 11, the annual inflation rate was then at 5.4% for the 12 months (ended on July 2021).

Like that was not bad enough, it keeps increasing and is now at a level of 7.5%, which is an alarming increase of 6.1% since 2020.

Image source: US Inflation Calculator

For example, imagine this…

Based on an inflation rate of 10.00 %, the value of $1,000,000.00 is going to be reduced to $385,543.29 in 10 years.

You would not want your hard-earned retirement savings to evaporate in front of your eyes like this.

While these numbers are devastating, there is luckily a proven way to safeguard against inflation and the debasing of the dollar.

Crah-proof your retirement savings with a gold IRA

Investors Turn To Gold For Protection

Gold and other metals have always been popular with investors, mainly because they stand outside the financial system and move in the opposite direction of inflation.

When the value of the dollar weakens, gold and silver prices tend to increase.

This means that any person should consider gold and silver’s solid value when planning for the future.

One of the many reasons is that owning a physical asset such as gold that the government cannot confiscate, gives investors more power.

People who own physical gold have financial insurance that will appreciate when the fiat system depreciates.

How to Protect Your Retirement Savings From A Crash (Crash-Proof)

The US Economy Faces Serious Challenges

Like we have seen on the news lately, the US economy faces serious challenges right now.

For instance, the recent events with Iran, China, Russia, and the exploding US spending deficit, will most likely lead to a dramatic collapse where investors can lose money at a moment’s notice.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to start moving your money into stable physical assets that the government cannot touch.

Here are some reasons why an economic collapse may be near and how you can protect your retirement savings from a crash:

1. Record US National Debt

The US national debt keeps growing dramatically, which is a disaster for paper investors.

The debt has now risen to a staggering record of $21 trillion, higher than the entire US economy. That is an increase of nearly $5 trillion from when the pandemic started.

According to Forbes, the US national debt is expected to rise to $89 trillion in 2029. And an inflation rate of 10% will likely become a reality.

So, if you only hold financial assets, you should be concerned.

Soon enough, the $1 Million you have saved away for retirement will not even last you a year!

Many Americans will become “poor” by the time they retire because of inflation and the national debt.

2. China Trade War

The trade war with China also needs to be considered for future investment decisions.

As you may have seen, the tariffs against China sent the Dow plummeting, and this could worsen in the months ahead as China retaliates against the US.

Specifically, this could lead to even higher inflation and a significant recession, negatively impacting people at all economic levels.

3. Turmoil In The Middle East

The US’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran will likely create turmoil in the Middle East.

As a result, oil prices may skyrocket and hurt the global economy.

4. Rising Tension With Russia

Rising tensions with a major superpower like Russia could lead to a global economic disaster due to conflicts of interest in the Middle East and all around the world.

In the worst-case scenario, investors could be left with stocks with little to no value and their retirement savings totally wiped out.

Crah-proof your retirement savings with a gold IRA

The Secret IRS Tax Loophole Of Precious Metals IRAs

Did you know that you can move your retirement savings to a precious metals IRA or crypto IRA completely tax and penalty-free?

Yes, that is right!

A not-so-known section of the IRS tax code, 408-m3, allows you to open a precious metals IRA and put physical gold, silver, plus other metals and cryptocurrencies into a tax-advantage account.

That is how you can protect your retirement savings from a market crash, which you should do today before it is too late.

But will the market crash really affect me, you may ask?

Well, we need to repeat these numbers again…

Based on an inflation rate of 10.00 %, the value of $1,000,000.00 is going to be reduced to $385,543.29 in 10 years.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Why You Should Invest In Gold For Protection

There are many reasons why you should invest in gold for protection, including:

  • In contrast to stocks, gold will always be worth something even in an economic collapse
  • Gold keeps or increases its value when the dollar is devalued
  • The yellow metal has outperformed stocks by six times in the past 18 years
  • Gold is one of the oldest global currencies
  • Gold is a physical asset you can hold in your hand
  • Gold has limited demand, which makes it even more valuable
  • Gold has increased by an impressive 300% in the last 15 years
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Crash-Proof Gold Retirement

As mentioned, gold is a well-known safe haven and serves as an inflation hedge in troubled economic times.

Gold is considered a safe investment since it does not revolve around a country’s economic stability, like other paper assets.

For this reason, no other investment can give you that stable and impressive return.

In addition, the fact that gold stands outside of the financial system and cannot be controlled by the government gives investors more power.

It can’t be taken away from you or lose all its value.

Best of all, the value of gold typically increases during stock market crashes.

Stocks are just numbers listed in the stock exchange, fluctuating up and down, while gold is a physical asset you can hold in your hand.

This makes gold one of the best investments you can make for your retirement.

Gold Is A Less Risky Investment

It is wise to choose less risky investments as you get older to safeguard from losing all your money in an economic downturn.

But more importantly, you will not have time to recoup your losses after they happen. In the worst-case scenario, you would be left without a retirement fund.

Unlike other investments, gold does not lose value. In fact, when there is economic instability, gold’s value increases.

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Portfolio Diversification

Whether you currently invest in the stock market or prefer other commodities, it is always good to add some precious metals or cryptocurrencies to your portfolio.

For instance, if you invest in real estate, you know how potentially falling prices can negatively affect you. Just look back at the market crash of 2008.

People saving for retirement should invest in assets they can count on and not have to worry if the market crashes.

The good news is that a gold IRA offers you worry-free protection against economic collapse and global downturn.

Gold is safe and will not have wild fluctuations or be impacted by inflation.

This yellow metal should be seen as financial insurance if anything else.

What Celebrity Experts Say About Gold

It is always interesting to hear what the experts say about gold and why they choose to invest in it:

Robert Kiyosaki

Best-selling author, finance educator, and founder of Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki has invested in precious metals for decades, which means it is the best way to protect your financial future.

One of Rich Dad’s advisors Michael Maloney wrote the Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver that is available to purchase on Amazon.

Tony Robbins

The very famous performance coach Tony Robbins has recently turned his attention to wealth and finance and even wrote the book Money: Master the Game to help others in their quest for financial security.

His advice to investors is to start planning now for an impending crash. Even though Wall Street still seems strong, a downturn is inevitable, especially as markets are currently peaking.

Tony Robbins said in a Fortune article “The best offense is a good defense.” And that defense is gold for many investors since it can withstand changes better than most other investments and is not tied to any single currency or economy.

Thomas Kaplan

American billionaire businessman, investor, philanthropist, and art collector Thomas Kaplan says:

“People view gold as emotional, but when they demythologize it and when they look at it for what it is and the opportunity it represents, they’re going to say, ‘We really should own some of that.’ The question will then change to ‘Where do we get the gold?'”

Carlos Slim

The world’s richest man Carlos Slim states the following:

“With the same things that were done in 2000 and 2001, when it was temporarily solved with big expenditures and very aggressive monetary and fiscal policy, aside from lowering taxes, we should be directing more money to the real economy, not to the financial economy. The volatility of the markets is so great that more is won or lost in a single day than in five years of accumulated interest. And that’s not a good thing.

For more celebrity gold investment facts and statistics, please visit Surprising And Interesting Gold Investment Statistics (In 2022).

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. If you want to protect your retirement savings from a crash and enjoy your retirement with an adequate income, starting a gold IRA is the safest and best option to ensure that your wealth will continue to appreciate.

You will not regret it!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the content of this website. If you believe something is explained incorrectly, please send us an email at [email protected].

Disclaimer: The owner of this website is not licensed as an investment advisor and, accordingly, does not make any recommendations regarding clients’ personal investment portfolios. It is recommended that you carefully evaluate and research the risks and rewards associated with investing in alternative assets such as physical precious metals and cryptocurrencies before you make a purchase.

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